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Just as thousands of other students have, you too, can begin your career after only six weeks of training from Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School. During the Monday through Saturday class sessions, you will learn step-by-step basic horseshoeing including:

  • Horse handling techniques
  • The anatomy of the horses’ foot
  • Shoeing the straight and sound horse
  • Corrective and Specialized shoeing
  • Horse behavior management
  • Forge Work
  • Advertising and Business practices

In learning the fundamentals of setting up your own horseshoeing business, you will learn the industry's supply-and-demand cycle, how to maintain business records, and how to make a good living as a Farrier. At OSHS, we train our students to be self-employed farriers. We prepare our students through a class on how to start your business and clientele as well as bookkeeping. The institution cannot guarantee employment; however, we provide a network of contacts throughout the United States to provide resources for the students once they meet their graduation requirements.


Our mission at OSHS is and always has been to train students in the art and science of the farrier and blacksmithing industry. Surrounded by a friendly and professional atmosphere, we strive to prepare our students to be self-employed contributing individuals with high values of honesty and integrity


Years of shoeing and teaching experience have guaranteed a fine-tuned program featuring...

  • Small class sizes, up to 24 students per session
  • Hands-on training with an abundance of horses
  • Nationally certified instructor for individualized instruction and supervision

To ensure continuity, classes are closed after the session starts. The curriculum teaches all types of normal, corrective, and specialized shoeing giving students the opportunity to select a general practice or to specialize in specific horseshoeing needs. To support students' learning styles, the program utilizes a variety of teaching methods such as videos, outside consultants, and supervised hands-on experience. As a graduate you will have a mentor available for all of your questions after graduation, you will also receive a lifetime discount of 10% to be used in our supply store.

For almost four decades, OSHS has had the opportunity to teach and get to know students from all over the USA and world. We take our job very personal in training and educating each and every one of our students. In order to ensure a quality education and a variety of exposure, each class will work on several hundred head of horses. This will include several types of breeds and "problem" feet.

The most powerful asset at OSHS is our highly experienced instructors and staff.

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