OSHS does not participate in Title IV funding. But we are approved by various other Federally funded institutions:

  • Rehabilitation or Vocational Rehabilitation

Contact OSHS at 1-800-634-2811 or contact the state Vocational Rehabilitation or Workforce office in your area for more information concerning qualification for assistance.

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs

Contact your tribe or call OSHS for more info.

  • WIA

(WIA is the Workforce Investment Act provided through local unemployment office for displaced workers.) Contact your local unemployment office or the OSHS Office for more details.

  • In-House Loan

OSHS Student Assistance Loan available through the school with good credit. Go to and click on financial options or Call the School office for more information

We also accept scholarships and re-imbursement from the ORO Grant. You may contact us at any time to see if you qualify for any of the programs and we will create you a shopping sheet for our school so you may go over your options. See our website for more information.


Contact Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School: 1-800-634-2811
VA Education Hotline: 888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551)
  • Our staff will be happy to help you with any questions. We can set you with a start date as soon as we have an approval letter. This institution will not penalize in any way a VA Beneficiary for delayed payment by the VA.
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