Frequently asked questions

These FAQ is a good culmination of information that we have given as a direct result of some great questions. If you have questions about anything not listed please give us a call and we will be happy to help you personally.

What tools are included?

  • Hoof Nippers
  • Anvil
  • Clincher 
  • Apron
  • 2 Rasps
  • Hoof Knife
  • Nail Puller
  • Driving Hammer
  • Book
  • Center Punch
  • Shoeing Box
  • Loop Knife
  • 2 Rasp Handles
  • Shoe Puller
  • Hoof Gauge
  • Clinch Cutter
  • Rounding Hammer
  • Hoof Gauge

Featured Tools: Hoof Nippers

Additionally, OSHS offers a complete retail horseshoeing supply store (American Farriers Supply) that can help equip your every need after you return home or as you start your horseshoeing career.  We carry top of the line brands such as: MFC, Jim Keith, G.E., Delta, St. Croix, Mustad, Diamond, Anvil Brand, FPD, Blurton, Bloom, D.S., North Carolina, Hot Box, Equilox, Equithane, Hall, Jim Poor, Equine, Kerckhaert, Foot Pro and many others at competitive prices.

How many horses will i be able to get under while i am here?

That depends on what the  class is able to do. It varies anywhere from one horse to several a day. We do not schedule more horses than what our students can handle, also, we always have enough for each student to work on.

What should I expect?

As a student you should expect to stay busy. We cover a variety of items while you are here. We teach hot and cold shoeing. What to expect as a beginning farrier, forge work, horse leg anatomy, along with many other things.

will be certified when i graduate?

No. What you receive from us is a diploma showing that you have completed the horseshoeing course. You do not have to be certified to be a farrier but if you are wanting to be certified you have to either go through the AFA or the BWFA.

What are the dorms like?

We have a bunk house with bunk beds and some semi-private rooms. We also have what is considered efficiency apartments for our female students and larger classes. We have a recreation room with laundry facilities, pool table, refrigerators, grills, microwaves, food storage area, eating tables, TV, and lounging area for students to get together and relax. The efficiency apartments have a private bathroom and kitchenette with one set of bunk beds and a single twin.

Do you have many girls that come to your school?

We have around three girls on average per class. We have had classes with five girls before but in a normal class we have around 1-3 girls.

are meals included?

No. You are responsible for all of your own meals. We do offer a kitchenette area with refrigerators, freezer, microwaves, outdoor grills, toasters, etc for you to prepare your meals.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring clothes, towels, wash cloths, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, bath soap, twin sizes sheets, blanket, pillow, any and all items you will need for six weeks away from home. Again, you will be responsible for all of your own food while you are here.

Are the forges open after class hours for the students?

YES! Our forges and classroom are always open for our students to practice and study. We highly encourage our students to practice their forge work as much as possible.

can i have or bring a pet?

“NO, we do not allow pets”. We no longer allow students to bring horses.

Will I need a car with me?

No. All of our facilities are here together onsite. As far as groceries if there is not another student to ride with, we will take care of you while you are here with us!

Are there laundry facilities at the school?

YES! We do have coin-operated washers and dryers located in the recreation room.

Do you have WIFI?

YES! We do have WIFI in our recreation room for our students to enjoy.

Are you nationally accredited and what does that mean?

Licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools and Approved by the SAA.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes but not federal pell grant. We work with VA, WIA, WIA 167, BIA, Vocation Rehab, and we also offer an in-house student loan program. (Please contact our office for more information)

What are the class sizes?

Our normal class holds up to 22 students.

What if I've never handled horses before?

You do not need to have previous experience but you do need to be willing to do the work and understand that there may be risks involved. Sometimes a horse will step down unexpectedly. We do teach our students how to work with the horse and proper positioning.

Do you accept the GI Bill?

YES, we do accept the Montgomery and Post 9/11 GI Bills.

What is the cost of your school?

The total cost of our course is $6500

Does everyone get accepted to OSHS?

No, we do not let just everybody in. There are limitations and specifications required for farrier school.
(For more information please contact our office at 1-800-634-2811)

Do I need previous experience?

No. It does not hurt if you do have previous experience but we do not require that you do.

How old do I have to be?

Any student, who is physically capable, of normal intelligence, at least 16 years of age and not under the jurisdiction of any secondary school is eligible for enrollment.